Arjen de Ruijter

I’m a dedicated, organised and methodical person. Holding a MSc degree from Delft University of Technology, working on complex implementations is a pleasure for me. I’m always aware that solutions must build the right bridges between technology, people and circumstances.

Frederik Rosman

I am consultant and software developer. I have an MSc degree in Geodetic Engineering from Delft University of Technology. I was an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology on Land Consolidation for eight years. In 1998 Arjen and I co-founded Delinea.

Wim Boshoven

I’m a skilled IT professional with a passion for technique and I have worked as a business consultant, product owner and technical/IT manager. It matters to me that your IT works for you and not the other way around. Delinea can provide that IT solution for your organisation.

Aad Wildeboer

I’m an experienced website, webservice and mobile app developer, with a degree in IT from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. At Delinea, I can do what I love: Create qualitative and highly innovative solutions that let you focus on what matters.

Gerben Limburg

I am a software developer with a degree in IT from Windesheim University of Applied Sciences. I’m an experienced web-application developer but also have a keen interest in data processing and data analysis. Currently I am studying Computer Science and Advanced Data Analytics at Leiden University.